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Remaco believe in saving our Earth! Everybody can do something for the environment including a manufacturer of projection screens. To us, sustainability means safeguarding the future, being socially responsible and making our carbon footprint emission as small as possible. With that in mind, Remaco is constantly seeking and sourcing of raw materials which are either environmentally-conscious, sustainable, biodegradable or renewable as well reducing raw material wastage.

It’s about taking a lead in adopting best eco-friendly practices in our industry:

We are moving forward environmentally friendly fibre fabrics which are degradable.
Unlike most chemical fibre, which are petroleum based meaning they come from non renewable raw material.
Cotton is sustainable in the sense that it's a natural fibre produced by plants.

For projection screen black borders, we are moving toward using water-based paint, an excellent eco-friendly choice compare using solvent-based oil paint.

Packaging and Raw Materials
Packaging materials should come from recyclable, reusable or renewable sources.
Otherwise we adopted attitude use less of environmental harmful packaging materials.
One of thing we have done are “recycle fabrics wooden crate” into “customised wooden crate” for project use.
The balance wooden crate waste we send to recycle as compressed wood for pallet use.
As for aluminium and metal parts waste, we recycle them by re-melting them.
Avoid waste wherever possible.

Remaco realise that we are on a journey, each step leads us towards the goal of sustainability. And it’s about having the conviction to play a part to save our Earth. Let’s us journey together for better tomorrow.

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