Fix Screen - FIX Series


Evolution from the past FIX Screens ... Remaco finally launched her New FIX Series design. Moving on further,  emphasis most importantly on its  quality, material and product finishing.

Comes with a brand new outlook,  the 4 frame borders are beautifully wrapped with Classic Matte Black Velvet individually. By-pass the norms of plastic frame borders.

Design with unique double column feature at the back of the frame, one can now easily button up the fabric with ease despite the contraction of the fabric due to the weather of the environment.

Ease of installation with special angular connection. Prefect solution to your needs.


Fast Fold Screen - FAS Series



Remaco FAS Series is our first lightweight fast folding screen specially designed for presenters on the move. manufactured with high quality aluminium frame further enhance its structure stability.

Foldable joint frame design , free tooling and easy storage allows any user to fold in or out its stylish flight casing.

FAS's flight casing is manufactured with wheels and handle at both ends thus create better mobility from one place to another.

No worries for transportation anymore!



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