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March 2002

Remaco is proud to present, not one but TWO new products!

SAS Series…   Semi-Automatic Screen
A new concept of manual screen that is going to change the way it works – Semi-Automatic Screen!

Remaco’s SAS Series has unique Auto-Gear Mechanism, which allows screen to roll up smoothly like a motorized screen. 

Other Benefits:

ü       Precise stop position when pulled down

ü       Compact and light weight

ü       User friendly (No hassle to stop at any desired position)

ü       More durable (Due to smooth roll up)

ü       Excellent performance and high quality 

Available in 3 sizes: 60”x60”(150x150cm), 70”x70”(180x180cm) and 80”x80”(200x200cm) 

RAS Series…   Rear Acrylic Screen
Another high quality product by Remaco.

RAS is a high quality rear projection screen using diffusion technology. Designed for modern projector such as LCD and DLP, to achieve uniform and brilliant brightness throughout the whole screen surface. High resolution and contrast of modern projector will be enhanced too.

Built with toughness to last, it is an ideal rear projection surface for boardrooms, meeting rooms, auditoriums, home theatres, etc.

Other Benefits:

ü       Rigid Rear Diffusion Acrylic Screen

ü       High Gain of 1.65

ü       High Resolution capability up to 1600 x 1200 pixels

ü       Tough and Easy Maintenance

ü       Wide Viewing Angle and High Contrast

Available in 6 sizes: 55”x41”(140x104cm), 58”x44”(147x112cm), 68”x51”(173x130cm), 73”x55”(185x140cm), 81”x61”(206x155cm) and 97”x73”(246x185cm).


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