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LCD TV/Monitor Bracket BKT-551


Remaco BKT-551 is our newly designed LCD TV/Monitor. Revolved from the existing old model of BKT-550, it is carefully designed with the use of better quality and material and also coated with metallic powder coating finishing.

Enhance with the special designed sliding feature, you can now easily install and remove your LCD TV/Monitor by lifting it up or down.

Maximum loading capacity up to 23kg. Most suitable for screen size: 10" to 32".


Motorized Tensioned Projection Screen - Tension Series



Remaco TEN Series is one of the most compact and durable Tension screen in the market .

Comes with tension design on both side of the screen fabric, it give an extreme flat surface. No more sign of distortion and waves, just the image as it would supposed to be.

Manufactured using only high quality fabrics and aluminium frame further enhance its durable and  structure stability

Suitable for most home and entertainment usage.



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