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March 2001
PRO-1515   -   5 x 5 ft Screens
We have started to sell PRO-1515, 5 x 5ft width screen due to popular demand by some customers.
PRO-1515 is our standard size available on stock. Pricing can be found in our new Price-List.
Bigger Sizes Screen
We are pleased to announce our bigger sizes screens are ready for order. We will keep limited stock for selling.
Followings are bigger sizes screen model:

Ø      PRO-3030  ---- 10 x 10 ft.
Ø      PRO-3636  ---- 12 x 12 ft.
Card-Size Infrared Remote
In order to keep pace with technology, we will launch a new Card-Size Infrared Remote Control.
It will replace the bulky remote control.
This new introduction will be effective for shipment in April 2001.

New Addition to Bracket
In some installation sites, there are always difficulties to avoid hitting on the white board or electronic white board when the screen is rolled down. 
To solve this problem, we have introduced a pair of Wall Mount Extension to compliment with existing supply universal brackets.

This Wall Mount Extension is adjustable and can mount the screen 5” to 9” away from the wall. Wall Mount Extension is given upon request only. Not supply as standard accessories.  
OCT 2000


News & Happenings Launch  
"New benefit to our distributors & dealers  on our launch of News & Happenings mailing. Bi-monthly issue will be sent to you by email. The entire idea of this News/Happenings is to give you latest information promptly. We will feature new models, upgrading of products, new technology, sharing of general information and etc. Every issue will be packed into A4 size and will be simple and short."

Crestron / Panja(AMX) control  
We would like to remind you that those who are using Crestron/Panja to control Remaco screen. Please set the dry contact closure for about 1 to 1.5 seconds to enable proper functioning. Using the right cable size/gauge with proper shielding is strongly recommended.

 Dec 1999
no more optional item ??? ..big saving ....enjoy flexibility .......indeed very impressive !!!!
First company to provide electronic screen control which compatible and able to link direct to A/V control system. 
 Nov 1999
Remaco has introduces "PRO" series 
State of the art Motorized Projection Screen  

First projection screen manufacturer to supply ......... infrared remote control as a standard accessory.


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