BKT-M590 / BKT-M592 /
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Remaco BKT-M590 / BKT-M592 and BKT-M593 Motorized LCD Lifters are designed to lift LCD monitor. It is designed to be light-weight, artistic appearance, easy of installation. Remote controlling through integrated centralised control system is possible or using radio-frequency remote control. This product can be adjusted easily to avoide the direct light into human eye is accordance with the principle of ergonomics. In that way it can reduce eye's tiredness. This product is suitable to use in posh boardroom, premium conference room.


Features and Benefits...

  • Motorized Lifter with soft-touch membrane

  • Safety automatic stop to prevent injury

  • Radio-Frequency remote control
  • Suitable for 17" (BKT-M590) , 19" (BKT-M592) and 22" (BKT-M593) LCD TV / Monitor
  • Automatic tilt backward in upright position
  • Automatic opening and closing of the trap door
  • RS-485 Serial Communication Control Capability
  • Power: AC 220V, 50Hz


BKT Series ( Motorized LCD TV / Monitor Lifters)



Shipment Weight

Shipment Dimensions 
(W x H x D)

Kilogrammes (Kg)
Centimetres (cm)
Motorized LCD TV / Monitor Lifter
395 x 410 x 66
 BKT-M590  Motorized LCD TV / Monitor Lifter  19"  435 x 410 x 66
 BKT-M590  Motorized LCD TV / Monitor Lifter 22"   510 x 410 x 66
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