Rear Mirror System is a rear projection mirror assembly, which facilitates the folding of projection image path to reduce the amount of space required for rear projection installation.


Features and Benefits...
  • Easy to assemble

  • Fully adjustable for vertical and horizontal

  • Fully precise rotation shift for both mirrors
    and projector

  • Tough and Easy Maintenance

  • Wide Viewing Angle and High Contrast

  • Superior quality mirror with high reflective index


RMS Series (Rear Mirror System)
One Mirror System Yes
23.5 x 18.0 x 5.0
Two Mirror System   - Yes
*First Reflection Mirror (small)=Optical
**Second Reflection Mirror (big)=Optical 
 -  Yes
 LCD/DLP Projector Brightness (ANSI Lumen)  less than 2200  less than 2400
 Projector Length=40cm or below (distance b/w lens to edge)  Save up to 173cm
(reduce by 25% to 40%)
 Save up to 227cm
(reduce by 35% to 55%)
 Projector Length=80cm or below (distance b/w lens to edge) Save up to 149cm
(reduce by 20% to 35%) 
 Save up to 203cm
(reduce by 30% to 50%)

 *Big Mirror Size : 1250cm x 101cm
**Small Mirror Size : 40cm x 40cm


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