Remaco MPC-851 Motor/Power controller is economical and self-contained that can be
used to control two pair of AC motors or power (example: motorized screen, projector on/off,
projector lift, motorized blinds, electric curtain and etc).

MPC-851 offer many ways of controlling of motors or power through -- Infrared Remote,
Radio-Frequency Remote, Contact closure (dry contact).

Another feature is “12Volts projector trigger” which means MPC-851 support automatically
trigger of motorized screen down when projector is switched on and vice-versa. Time duration
of motors can be programmed through RS232 port by software program provided.


Features and Benefits...
  • Control two pairs of motors or power

  • Compatible to Remaco Infrared Remote and Radio-Frequency Remote

  • Programmable time duration to set motor running time

  • RS232 port for software programming of time duration

  • Support projector 12Volts triggering of motorized screen automatically

  • Able to configure as a power trigger device
    to on/off any A/V equipment's power supply


MPC-851 ( Motor / Power Control)



Shipment Weight

Shipment Dimensions 
(W x H x D)

Kilogrammes (Kg)
Centimetres (cm)
Motor / Power Control
37.0 x 6.5 x 13.5



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