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Remaco PLT-415 is a projector lift for keeping projector in the false ceiling. When in operation, the lift will be
lowered to your desired position. After using, the lift will be raised to keep the projector out of sight into
the false ceiling creating a neat working environment.

The lift is controlled by the provided MPC-851 Motor Power Controller. With MPC-851, the lift can be
controlled by RF remote via AVA-316 15 Channel RF remote controller and also by a provided AVA-200 wall
switch. Third party control system such as AMX or Crestron can also be used to control the lift through
our MPC-851 by providing a dry contact closure.

The multi-ways of control allows Remaco lift to be very flexible and user friendly.


PLT-415 comes with:

1) Projector lift
2) Threaded Rods
3) False Ceiling Support
4) Motor/Power Control (MPC-851) 
5) Wall Switch (AVA-200)
6) 15-Ch Radio Frequency Remote (AVA-316)

Features and Benefits...

  • Ease of Installation

  • Durable

  • Universal mounting bracket and false ceiling 
    support included

  • Maximum travel distance up to 210cm

  • Loading capacity up to 25kg

  • Powder coated


PLT Series (Projector Lift)



Shipment Weight

Shipment Dimensions 
(W x H x D)

50.8 x 50.8
73 x 73 x 47.5 cm
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